Centre for Inefficiency / Center för ineffektivitet

Being inefficient or acting so, does not necessarily have to be synonymous with being passive, rather inefficiency can be used as a means of transport, a slothy force of activation for re writings and re formulations. Through joint endeavors, CFI is concerned with themes of fictive realities, dissolved histories, authorships and utopias. Centre for Inefficiency is initiated by Ulrika Lublin, Clara Isaksson and Joanna Nordin.


Previous events include:

GIRLFRIEND OF ZEUS, CHAPTERS 1-11. Group show at RIA Research Week, Stockholm. January 2016

Is the Cloud an Earthly Thing? a chat room conversation on Drake, alliterations and the worlds end, between Centre for Inefficiency and WORMS in Oberon Magazine. October 2015

WORMSER MANUSKRIPTE 24 (CFI high time-cover) symposium at Stadtgalerie Bern. December 2014

Starting from the middle. Text seminar with Anabel Sarabi and Worms at Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik (Berlin). October 2014

Friends, You Drank Some Darkness, an exhibition and magazine launch at Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation with Das Superpaper, Nick Garner, Harun Farocki and Centre for Inefficiency. Curated by Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris. August 2014

a soft october night with Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris at Storkyrkobadet. April 2014

CFI makes a parentheses at Moderna Bar, Moderna Museet Stockholm hosted by Mare Liberum (GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ, Marja Knape and Jens Evaldsson). April 2014